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SalesPartners Troy offers the following products & services:

Painless Prospecting System

The Painless Prospecting System is a customized training program that rapidly drives revenue by developing specific skills in key customer facing personnel.  We work with your leadership to determine the area of greatest opportunity, develop customized techniques, train personnel and coach for performance.

Using the Painless Prospecting System our clients have generated:

  • 175% increase in referrals from an in-bound telephone service center at a large regional bank in the first 6 months of the program.
  • $13 million in new loan and deposit balances at regional bank in just 90 days
  • 137,000 new revenue generating transactions and an additional $700,000  - from a group that had never been expected to generate revenue.

Working with our clients, we target one of the following areas to uncover previously unrecognized areas of opportunity and quickly drive revenue:

  • Turn inbound customer calls to telephone centers or banking centers into upsell and cross sell opportunities
  • Reach out to your existing customer base using tested and effective techniques


Business Performance Review (BPR)

The SalesPartners™ Business Performance Review (BPR) is a powerful assessment tool that helps you quickly identify exactly what needs to be done to help drive performance improvements in your business. Your SalesPartner™ will guide you through an assessment of the ten critical pillars of business success.

The Business Performance Review looks at 150 vital elements of a healthy business to help you develop a crystal-clear understanding of where your business is currently and exactly what needs to be done to achieve your dreams.

Best of all, the process is guaranteed! If you do not feel you received value from the time invested in the Business Performance Review, you will receive a full refund. So what do you have to risk? Invest a little time and money with a SalesPartner™ and see exactly what it will take to win in your business.

Sales Partners Troy


Business Mentoring Program

These are our most comprehensive programs for helping entrepreneurs and business teams to drive measurable improvement across the business. You will work one-on-one with a Certified SalesPartners™ and can choose from several plan options tailored to the needs of your particular business and your personal goals.


Rent-A-Sales-Manager (RSM)

This program provides outsourced sales management and training. It allows a small to medium business to leverage the skills of a senior sales executive for less than the price of a receptionist. Now a business of any size can afford the professional sales leadership they need without the heavy price tag.


Sales Partners Mastery/Objection Handling Boot Camp

SalesPartners Mastery (SPM) is perfect for sales teams, micro-businesses, networking professionals, and home-based or start-up businesses. The three-month SPM program includes 12 weeks focused on building core sales and marketing skills and systems. We work on developing a compelling E-Pitch that will have people call you back. We also work with a very powerful technique that will allow you to handle ANY objection from ANY one. We’ve even included a component that has you on the phone, making calls to actually use what you’re learning. Plus every session utilizes our proprietary “Little Voice” techniques to give you accelerated results. With a monthly payment plan, SPM is easily affordable and packed with incredible value.


Customized Training's and Workshops

SalesPartners run both public and private sales, marketing, customer service and team building workshops. Our training's have been used by many of the world’s most successful companies to dramatically improve team performance. Training can be customized to meet the needs of any company regardless of size.

Training's and Workshops are available in various formats and lengths ranging from 3 hours up to full seven day programs.



This is our On-Site intensive out-bound calling program. SalesPartners works directly with you and your sales staff to generate dials, conversations and appointments that will result in business.

For one client this program generated 70 leads in under 3 hours. Another client uncovered $150,000 of opportunity in only 2 hours. This technology really works!

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