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SalesPartners Troy offers the following products & services:

Painless Prospecting

Painless Prospecting is a customized training program that rapidly drives revenue by developing specific skills in anyone who touches your customer.(especially customer service personnel) Using the Painless Prospecting Systems our clients have generated millions of dollars and hundreds of referrals in as little as 6 months.

Improved Communication

Often in a business environment communication consists of; • controlling • defending • protecting • manipulating • resisting • withholding • avoiding • convincing Not very productive is it? We work with your organization to shift that. Because when people feel heard and gotten they become invested and performance increases.

Creating the Environment You Want:

Environment is greater than will. What kind of environment and organization do you need to build to become who you want to be in the future? What new leadership and management practices do you need to have in place? Do you have the high performance environment you want or a mediocre the one that you tolerate?

Setting the Rules/Creating Your Code of Honor

The greatest upsets in business and in life come from people playing by a different set of rules. Because in the absence of rule people make up their own. That is why we work with you to create your Code of Honor; a set of simple, powerful rules that govern the internal behavior of your team and organization. They are rules like never abandon a teammate in need, and being personally responsible for all mistakes. Yet it goes beyond rules it is the unwavering discipline of the team itself to enforce those rules. Not to rely on bosses or leaders to enforce them, but to have the team spontaneously support each other in adhering to the code. Developing a Code of Honor creates accountability and a feeling of support and is a powerful statement of who you are and what your company stands for.

Team Training:

Is all about taking ordinary people and turning them into a championship business team that wins. And it starts with your Code of Honor. Because the tighter the code, the better the results and the more you can grow. The effectiveness of a team is directly related to how tightly you adhere to the Code. Once the Code is created it needs to be taught & bought into by everyone on the team.

Creating Future Outcomes and Driving Those Outcomes

The role of the leader is to ask “What’s possible for my business?” And then look for “What’s missing” to make that happen? We call that creating future outcomes. We help you create and drive those outcomes by Managing Commitments vs. Activities.

Managing Feedback Loops
Learning is a process of gaining competence of taking steps (action) & receiving feedback. Some actions will work, some will not (mistakes). The question is how can you make corrections, without placing blame and take the new next step. At SalesPartners we see this as feedback loops and manage them through a process we call “Debrief”. It allows everyone to see what works, what does not, what we learned, and how to leverage it.

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